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We offer interactive learning materials for science boxes. Science boxes will help you learn about an engineering topic by doing different tasks and experiments at a time and place that suits you.
Each topic of interest is packed in a box with everything you need to successfully complete the task or experiment.

All Science Boxes include everything you need to complete the activities successfully, including detailed instructions with explanations and pictures. In addition, the instructions include access to a video recording of the online lesson, which will be a great help for working together.
The tasks and experiments are safety compliant, so act responsibly, choose a task appropriate to your age and only follow the instructions.

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Classroom visit to the exhibition hall

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  • For ticket prices see “Tickets”
  • Teachers, as chaperones of the groups, attend free of charge, given that they take full responsibility for supervising the pupils and their behaviour.
  • Workshop prices on the website are exclusive of VAT. If you pay by invoice from your school bank account, you will be charged the price excluding VAT. If you raise money for the excursion, activities or science show from private funds, you will be charged VAT.
  • When submitting the application form for the Curiosity Centre Futurimo Riga workshops and/or science show, please be aware that the activities will be conducted in Latvian and the students must have a working knowledge of Latvian.