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Nine episodes will be screened in total, revealing various secrets of science and magic on Thursdays until mid-December. The two hosts of the programme – scientist Zintis, played by Marģers Majors, and illusionist Dante Pecolli – will turn the complex science topics into an educational adventure. Each episode will reveal interesting scientific details about magnets, water, fire, sound, air, gravity, inertia and electricity. Each episode includes an explanation of the topic and several experiments, giving an insight into the basics of physics, chemistry and natural sciences.

“The idea of creating an educational programme for schoolchildren was born not only because science and magic are hot topics for this age group, but also because we, as a technology and innovation company, want to stimulate interest in technology, engineering and mathematics in young people. We want curious viewers to become engineers, data scientists, AI experts and choose to join the Tet team in the future,” says Ilze Korjusa, Chief Producer of Tet TV. The programme is produced in collaboration with the production team “Jump Studio”

“Kate Litte, the director of Futurimo Riga, is pleased that Tet has chosen RTU Curiosity Centre for the creation of its studio and for the production of the programme, because the programme’s goals and idea go hand in hand with ours – to show children and young people that science is cool, full of wonders, knowledge and opportunities.
At the premiere of the series “Futurimo Rīga”, the audience had the opportunity to watch one of the hosts, M. Majors, conjure up ice cream, remotely participate in a game in which D. Pecolli “guessed” what everyone was thinking, visit the film set and explore the behind-the-scenes of filmmaking.

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